The DMZ Supplement

By Anabolic Technologies


This Xtreme DMZ supplement is a bulking prohormone. It’s used by many bodybuilders across the world to increase lean muscle mass, strength stamina, and enhance performance.

What sets DMZ apart from the rest of the millions of bulking pills is its ability to eliminate all excess water retention. No one wants to see the definition they’ve worked hard for fall apart once their water gains are depleted.

Only with this DMZ supplement will you keep those gains far past your first, second, third, and fourth cycles.


Here’s a quick look at what Xtreme DMZ from Anabolic Technologies can do for you…

  • Enhance Overall Strength
  • Only Provide Dry Muscle Gains
  • Heighten Your Vascularity
  • Make All Gains Lean Muscle Mass
  • Stop Water Retention

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, DMZ has got you covered. Good luck finding any other health supplement that can provide you will all these benefits in one capsule.


Supplement Directions:

Each bottle of the DMZ supplement comes with ninety total capsules. This will allow you to cycle an entire month of this muscle builder before having to purchase more. This way you can make sure that Xtreme DMZ works for your body prior to spending a ton of cash on a product that doesn’t work.

For those NEWBIES we suggest sticking to one capsule per day. Take it within the morning hours, typically right before you eat or just before exercising. This will ensure the main ingredient, dymethazine, is present in your body during your workout session.

For those ADVANCED USERS take two to three capsules each day. Spread them out evenly throughout a twenty-four hour period. This is to make sure that ingredients inside this supplement are present in your body during the whole entire day.

CYCLING should last for up to thirty days. Do not cycle this product for any longer than this period. Allow your body a full month to recover before starting your next cycle of DMZ.


Where to buy the dmz supplement:

There are many online supplement retailers who promote products similar to Xtreme DMZ. However, you don’t want to purchase a clone. These usually come with less power and less ingredients than the original.

Stick to buying only Xtreme DMZ that is made from Anabolic Technologies, and verify that is backed up on the label. If you would like to save yourself some time you can grab the completely ORIGINAL DMZ SUPPLEMENT below.